Friday, November 18, 2011


I love it when I get the writing/brainstorming/planning urge. ^_^ It also greatly helps when I actually have a computer to record it. ~_^ That being said, I took close to 3 hrs. yesterday, creating a document I'm calling "MOTIVATIONS" It is a compilation of all the things I'd like to do for each member of this family. I broke it down by cost, estimated time, supplies, ect.  I was quite thrilled to see it all on paper! The unexpected benefit of doing this made me realize how much TIME it would take to do them all. I've been doing pretty good at keeping up my new house, our children, and being a wife... but I realized that it could quickly become nothing more than routine with nothing else to look forward to than grocery shopping, cleaning up messes, waiting for the newest movie to come out, or next family vacation time.
The next step of my "MOTIVATIONS" list is to total all the costs and time. I also need to do some "time tests" of the normal, day-to-day, week-to-week tasks. After which, I'll have to do the math of what is actually feasible from week-to-week. I called it "MOTIVATIONS" simply because I need the motivation to keep finishing the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, sweeping, and general up-keep. Getting to do something on my "MOTIVATIONS" list then becomes my reward.
I'm growing up, but in some ways, the good-old "chores/reward" system still works for me right now.... perhaps it will help those things to become so second nature that some of the "MOTIVATIONS" list will become traditions and my children will adopt them as their own... and I can add non-family driven motivations to that list... things like charity, hospitality, mission trips, reunions, and possibly home-business things?
I'd love to incude such things now, but I truly believe God wants me to focus on the 2 little, blossoming lives unfolding & seeking foundation from me; as well as, the be reminded of my blessed role as helpmeet to my lifelong, chosen love & partner, my husband James.