Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Month

I love the Fall! "Autumn" If I had another girl I just might name her Autumn… or perhaps that will be the name of my future horse! I love the month of September, too. well, love & hate. it's the start of school. no explanation needed there. it's the end of summer & beginning of autumn. summer is fun for outdoors activities, but it's almost an expectation that you will be outdoors all the time. in autumn, it's oftentimes warm enough to be outside, but more than acceptable to remain indoors with a good book or cup of tea. i guess i'm more of a homebody that i previously thought! it's my birthday & anniversary month. it's the beginning of life groups @ church, new gym schedules, & updated library events. The colors, the smells, the views, the weather, the social atmosphere, the types of food being harvested, the decor, the clothes, the warmth! Yes, I love this time of the year!