Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time Out

There are times, I'm sadly realizing only now in my late 20's, that I find myself spinning out of control ...or into some hidden, vast resevoir of anger, bitterness, and maliciousness. While I know that I've seemingly always been tempremental and battling with anger, I reached a point very recently that gripped me even stronger than those tendancies -long enough to sober me to the importance of actually defeating & overcoming this "demon" I've called "a temper" for so many years. I hate that one of my biggest faults brought me face-to-face with one of my worst fears.
I am searching out ways to begin the final war upon my "demon" called Temper. It will be a war because I have fed it, excused it, ignored it, pardoned it, fostered & exercised it for at least 2 decades now. But my marriage, family, and relationship with God are truly "on the line" here.