Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Letting between?

Another perspective change has been knocking on my heart recently, too. What am I willing to let "come between" my relationships -with my husband, my daughters, my in-laws, my friends, etc.? For instance: I have always held going and being on=time to Sunday School in high importance. But two Sundays ago I had to ask myself if "getting onto" my husband or getting "worked up" about being late or not going at all is truly worth the straining of my relationship with him? While it may be a personal value of mine, the value that I want to hold even more clout in my priorities is LOVE. It is not loving to hold an account of perceived "wrongs" against him, or to let a root of bitterness grow in my heart. I want to be at peace with him and others as much as is in my power. So hard to do sometimes, as my pride and stubbornness gets in the way a lot of the time. 

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