Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today is my "Saturday." Now that we've "settled down" & found ourselves in a more permanent position that we ever have since having kids, I'm learning that the weekends are NOT a break for me. On the contrary, they are often times the culprit for my normally tidy house to become a cluttered petri-dish for all sorts of growth piles around the house: dishes pile up faster - all over the house, laundry multiplies exponentially - all over the house, paperwork piles grow - all over the house, bathrooms work double-time - and I can't get all over the house quick enough to tend it all.  The added factor is that weekends are also the times that we have out-of-the-house, family activities the most. So while all the piles & mess grow, I'm there less... leaving me even more unmotivated to deal with the extras. Seriously, how many people get an adrenaline rush of excitement after returning from a fabulous, yet exhausting beach trip to grab the toilet scrubber & rubber gloves to scour the bathroom from the accident that happened just as you were leaving for said beach trip? How about after dinner at a sit-down restaurant to clean up dishes & half-eaten (or forgotten) food sitting out from various snack-ers after lunchtime? :-p

All that being said, I've learned to TGIT (vs. TGIF)! I do my absolute best to keep errands, activities, & deep-cleaning to a minimum on this day.  It's different than even Sundays because I don't have to get kids cleaned & dressed up or stress about getting somewhere on time.  People are more likely to schedule things on weekends than on a weekday & if they do Wednesday usually gets the honor. ;-)

If our schedule remains so, I just might make this "my day" to take care of emails, write letters, make social phone calls, be 'crafty' or 'domestic' (meaning bake, sew, and/or garden), blog, & surf (the web). One day out of 7 to be "Amy" & not just "Mom"... am I being selfish or unreasonable? In no way would I neglect my children, but meals, activities, & an "understanding" would be set ahead of time. I would probably even plan/prepare for Dates Night on Friday. =) We'll see what happens...

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