Monday, August 6, 2012

New Week

It is Monday. I skipped writing on Sunday as I chose to make it a day of rest.
Rather than try to remember & relay all the specific details of two days, I will simply mention that the Drill weekend went as all the previous ones did -uneventful & with some amount of injustice (albeit less this time) received.  I babysat yet another neighbor-girlfriend's kids for their date night (my complete & total choice) which allowed my girls no end of fun & learning to interact with other people. For the most part, it is really just letting them play with minimal interference from myself. I make sure they are fed & concluded the meal with a movie. Luckily, the guest selected movies that my girls were either unfamiliar with or absolutely loved. My youngest uncharacteristically wet herself, stripped (with the guests there), & proceeded to color herself with markers. Quite flustered & a litte more than irritated, brought her immediately up for a bath. Saturday night even gave me a better idea of what it would be like if I had 4 kids with differing personalities.  Their parents picked them up late & my hubby decided to reach "level 50" on his online LotR character. I on the other hand turned in early after finishing up a light beer.
Sunday morning I woke up feeling heavy & groggy. I slept well (thanks to the beer) but could just barely pull myself up & clear my head to shower with my hubby as he rushed to get ready for his last Drill day. As soon as he was off (I finally remembered to make Banana Muffins with the girls on Saturday morning) with breakfast to go with his coffee, I crashed back into bed & got a few more moments of sleep before both of the kiddos came & joined me. Once attempted sleep became fruitless, we got up watched The Lion King, ate, bathed my oldest, & quickly dressed for church. We made it in pretty good time & I even got a compliment on the behavior of my daughters in their 3's&4's Sunday school class. The message was on a particularly difficult passage (Luke 16) but didn't fail to give life & a powerful reminder to be a good steward of all that the Lord has blessed me with in this life. I wish my husband had been there, but in some ways, I was almost better able to focus without his physical presence to distract me.
As I mentioned earlier, we really just used Sunday to rest & relax. I finished Dracula. We napped; I did light cleaning; we "loafed." Selah seems to be going through a "phase" I think I will call Preschool PMS. I'm not sure what is going on in her little head, but after her Daddy returned from concluding his Drill weekend, everything about her usual calm, "big-girl" attitude & mentality went down the drain. She soiled her clothes so many times in so many different places around the house that I am still trying to find all of them! After soiling her clothes, she would strip down naked until her sister would come to notify me. She also continued to draw on herself, toys, & furniture! My husband was finishing a Nexflix movie while I had begun the task of sorting all the paperwork buildup on his desk from the summer. I was rather disheartened as she had been doing so well for almost a full month!
We had baked potatoes with shredded cheese, baked broccoli, & I baked some bacon to dice & top the potatoes. I returned to finish up the filing in the office, but was constantly interrupted by the girls & the fact that my husband had pretty much given up on the dull task. It all came to a head when I started upstairs & found wet poop streaks on the tile floor of our entryway!!! After a hot wash down, discipline with lecture, new clothes, & clean up, our youngest was sadly & immediately sent to bed. Shortly later, I followed up in getting the older child (normally the "trouble-maker", but pleasantly complacent) dress & ready for bed, too. I laid by both just a bit longer... wondering if my youngest was acting up because of all the traffic that had been going on in her home -she can be quite the introvert. With her dad gone, new kids over every evening, & late bedtimes she was probably just needing some extra attention. My oldest thrives on action, people, & activities to keep her constantly occupied. She also does a wonderful job of being an "open book" about her emotions, mind, & physical state. Her little sister, not so much. She is much more of an observer, reserved, & easily distracted ...unless of course her mind does get made up & she iron-grips onto the completion/acceptance/permission of that decision. It's in those moments that the combination of stubbornness & strong-will of her 2 first-born parents are manifested in all their terrifying & intense realities.
Back to the day's events. Once I was convince the two of them were not getting up, we decided to watch Leverage (another couple favorite of ours). Lots of fun & good laughter had there! After it finished, I headed to bed while my husband returned to his online game.
I guess I have to mention that I started a new game, for my brother Justin's sake, called Dragonvale. It's slightly entertaining & pretty simple but I have been tending to it off & on the last 2 days. :-p

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