Saturday, August 4, 2012


I doubt that anyone wants to read such droll entries about my life, but I am finding it a much more satisfying & gratifying way to fill the "lulling" moments of my day. It seems to be fitting in later & later in the day, but I see it as something to "look forward to" and thus getting through my household tasks earlier & earlier in the day. I've also found myself using social media (mostly Facebook) less I'd hate to keep including it in my "daily happenings." :-p
I also keep wondering if it has any helpful aspect towards my overall memory, journal blogging that is .... forcing me to recall even mediocre moments of the day before. I have yet to include any dialogue or even conversations, but perhaps that will come with time & practice? surely there are things said, read, or heard which are worth recording & remembering each day?! I shutter at the the wastefulness of days gone by with nothing to remember but actions. Language & words, conversation & literature are quite important in legacy making & character guiding. I do believe that "actions speak louder than words" but even the Lord gave us His Words to study & treasure in our hearts.
On that note, I just want to remark at the surprising amount of references to God, His Words, Heaven, & Christ that are mentioned in Dracula! So much of the despair, the actual tragedy, the hunt, the chase, & ultimate climax/conclusion of the story hinges on the religious beliefs of those intimately involved. And, oh my goodness! Mina Harker is a new fictional heroine to me.... There is so much honor, purpose, & righteous struggle in this classic & original tale regarding vampires than the flighty, emotionally-overwrought stories of my current culture. (Within Dracula) Vampires are to be properly feared, not infatuated with; pitied, not envied as a way "out" of morally bound humanity, & horrifically but rightfully freed from their demonic oppression & possession because of their horrific deeds for their selfish, base survival.
But then again, I am a "happily-ever-after" sort of person.... so I won't judge others who do like the current versions & fascinations of present-day vampires. ...I'll just be ever bewildered & "creeped out" about said infatuations. ;-)

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