Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Month, New Ideas

So, it is a new month of this year & I've been listening to more books, spending more time with friends, keeping up with household tasks more to my liking, teaching my kiddos, & pursuing the possibility of my return to formal education. The current book that I am listening to (thanks to audible & my husband) is a compilation of peoples' journal & diary entries. One character in particular, Mina Hartka, actual writes that it's a good way to keep the mind sharp & the memory strong... as well as strengthen her writing skills. Its seems harmless enough & simple enough since all she does is report what happend in her day. It's a good way to finish the day & fill the downtimes in the evening. After all this resolve to start on a new day, I fell asleep before I entered a word. Thankfully, my hubby is not a morning person, so I can "catch up" on my new task till he wakes more calmly (our daughter just knocked, causing our dog to rapidly bark which jostled my husband straight up & out of a sound sleep).

My new task will be to simply record my/our goings on each day.
Yesterday, I had intended to attend my gym's 5:30AM class as I had on Tuesday, but failed to set my alarm the night before & was awakened as normal to the construction going on just outside our bedroom door around 7AM.  The hubby & I showered (I forgot the towels), discussed our plans for the day while dressing, then greeted our girls. James was late & had to skip breakfast while I got the girls cereal, began washing dishes from the night before, & eating a banana. I continued to listen to my audio book while I tidied up. After a spat of disagreement, I got the girls in my car & went to the gym to take one of my favorite classes, a combination of yoga & Pilates they call Centergy. The girls stay in a daycare with other kids whose mom's are in the class or using the other equipment offered by the gym. It felt so good to stretch out after lifting weights earlier in the week. I followed up on proper form with the instructor & went to retrieve the girls. After another pleading to play a bit longer, I decided to run on the treadmill for 15min. before retrieving forgotten workout clothes for hubby. More resistance to leaving their playtime, we got the appropriate clothes (& I some Cheerios & almonds to stave off hunger) & drove to their Daddy's place of work & waited for 5 minutes till we realized that we had been waiting in the same parking lot @ different places. =)
Once back home, we made ham & cheese quesadillas for lunch, the girls snacking on applesauce with cinnamon first. I turned on the recording of the Olympics 2012 recap of Tuesday to see the Fabulous Five in each of their events & culminate in their winning the Gold as a team! Such a thrilling thing to see people at their best physicality, working together, & being rewarded before all. Both girls helped in spreading the cheeses for their quesadillas & I allowed them to eat on their new little Costco table in the living room to watch the Olympics with me. My oldest finished all her food, while I worked on my half burnt one, & the youngest played with hers. After ultimately dropping the slices I cut to make it easier for her, my youngest gave up & I bagged them for later. I had just decided that a nap was needed for attitudes & sanity's sake when their was a knock on the door. The girls' friend wanted to know if they could come out to play since they had been locked out of their house temporarily. I allowed my youngest out & explained that the older sister was in time out. With instructions that their mom needed to keep an out for my littlest was my only instruction, I returned to the couch with my oldest pouting on my lap. We watched Team USA receive their medals between Russia & China! USA women's gymnastics teams haven't won Gold since 1996 with the Fantastic Seven, including Kerri Strugg, the very team who secured my love for the Olympic games as a child! Not 10min. later, my neighbor-friend rang the doorbell & was holding my baby with a bloody knee & scratched forehead. Nothing big, but it gave me a chance to hear her plight of being locked out of her house while her night-shift-working hubby was sound asleep on the top floor of their 3-story town home. After an hour of fruitless attempts, she & her 3 kiddos were hot, tired, & just a hint of frustrated. My heart breaks at suffering of any kind and instantly responds especially if solutions or relief can be achieved immediately by myself. I got my girls down for naps & welcomed them inside. I got a sleeping spot prepared for her youngest, in our room. I restarted the Olympics recording for them while I got laundry started & we folded the first load together. I did dishes, turned over more laundry, & chatted off and on until our kiddos woke up & her husband finally woke up around 5ish.  My hubby called to let me know he was off work & headed to his gym. I started to prepare dinner while my girls watched MouseTrap. After getting out all the ingredients for green, chicken, Thai curry, I realized that I had no coconut milk & prepared spagetti with tomato sauce for the girls & I. My hubby had leftover spiced pork tenderloin & scalloped potatoes. We watched Covert Affairs & then got into a discussion about President Obama, Mitt Romney, & the upcoming election. I eventually lost my cool & said we needed to get the girls to bed. I sat on the couch to cool down while my husband tucked them in, prayed with them, & waited until I joined them. We exchanged our ritualistic "hugs & kisses" & settled down beside my littlest for a few tracks on their well-loved, over-used Loving Lullabies CD & my hubby with our oldest. We got up, said goodnights & returned downstairs to the couch to continue our political discussion after my apologies for loosing control. We got weary of the topic & made some nachos. Once the cheeses were melted, he took his share downstair to his office where we talked about workouts, sore muscles, bills, & his current hobby -Lord of the Rings Online game. I applied some cream medication to the dark skin spots on his chest & back, followed up with a massage of his tender & sore muscles. I rotated the last clean but damp load of laundry to the dryer & headed upstairs for bed. Once in my room, I settled down to listen once again to my audio book until I realized that an entire chapter had passed & I had fallen asleep. I put everything away & intentionally returned to sleep before my hubby also climbed into bed later.

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