Sunday, May 8, 2011

Continue Praying

J is back from the mountains early. It wasn't something I was expecting, but I'm glad that God got to speak so clearly that J had to respond sooner than later. Sometimes He does answer our prayers "quickly."

We got to talk about an hour after I read a letter he sent me about the things God showed him and told Him he needed to do. It was good. I prayed for good things to come from this time and the beginning of good things came. It looks like the "good" parts will have to come after some very challenging, difficult, and even painful times first.  While I hate pain, every time I've experienced it, I've learned that I can first wallow in it till I carry a "chip on my shoulder" or become immobilized OR I can be brutally honest with God and a few trusted people and learn to lean and trust in God again. The "pain" of my break from my parents has taken around 5 years to bring me back into a healthy, growing relationship with my parents, but more importantly with God.

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