Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's wifely input

Today J leaves for Praise Mountain. =) As I said before, I am very proud and excited about his decision to do this time of personal reflection, renewal of faith, and fasting from a few key things (food and technology). Last night was a Tuesday. On Tuesday nights my family has their dinner and "family devotions" on a local beach. There is also a time of sharing prayer requests and praises, which are prayed for by each member (if time permits). I shared about J's retreat coming up: requesting protection from the evil one, renewal for his spirit, insight and strengthened belief in who and what Christ means to him, and possible direction for his life and our family. lol... it wasn't nearly as well asked, in fact i remember actually saying that I didn't really know what exactly to pray for. i did mention the protection and possible direction for our family.
After sharing, my mom said something that I think was very important and that I will take to heart. "You should fast with him, too. Just focus on the girls and pray for him. It will help you to be connected." I realize that I could just pray for him like I have been this whole time, at mealtime and before bed... but the more I think about it, it could be VERY helpful to ask him ahead of time what he plans to focus on, what questions he wants to search out, and what he hopes to gain from this time.  Every time I go to put food into my mouth or feel those hunger pangs, I can remember what J is doing and pray specifically for the things he shared with me.  I can ask God to focus his mind and to also draw myself to Himself... asking Him what He would have me to learn and grow from during this time, too.  While not together, we can make it a shared experience of dedicated time to listen and learn from God.

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