Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear God

I want to pray for my brother right now. He's under such spiritual oppression and blindness right now. He thinks that because all his expectations and dreams didn't happen, God doesn't care about him. He's so lost in himself that he's lost all sense of his Creator, his upbringing, his Savior, and his Lord. He's drowning in despair and self-pity. He wants to please everyone and do everything the right way to avoid pain and rejection. He's scared of everything and has premeditated answers as though there are no other possibilities.  He's boxed himself in and is letting the devil take root in his heart. He's extremely needy and pessimistic.  He's lost his hope. Please, give him Your hope, Your peace. Break down his self-made walls and show him You are here, close by, and You love him faults and all.
in Your Son, Jesus Christ's name,

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