Thursday, April 14, 2011

More thoughts from the yellow legal pad

As I wrote at the beginning, I have a habit of journaling in multiple places. Currently, I've been using a yellow legal pad that my dad use from his stash.  Here are a few entries:

~Innocence is worth protecting at any age
~Purity is true beauty and a true gift that is pleasing to God (also worth protecting and pursuing)
~Pouring out my life with all its desires -both good and bad- to God to do with as He pleases brings a beautiful fragrance before heaven and those who are seeking Him
~When life becomes only about me and my efforts and desires then I am missing the point of life which is: to lay it (my life) down for God to use and to make disciples for Him
~The comfortable, predictable life rarely brings as much glory and honor to God as the broken, unpredictable road (often times the "ministry" route)
~Rarely if ever is the painless, easy life a one that wins souls or experiences the deeper levels of relationship with God - those are usually tragedy riddled, persecuted (by all), ever-continuing, self-sacrificing, dying-to-self people who don't have time or money to decorate their huge dream house(s), purchase or wear the newest and stylish clothes or jewelry, etc.

What He likes... (based of of Genesis 1-5)
...what He has made
...being creative
...seeing and filling needs
...being relational ("one")
...gently correcting/teaching
...proper sacrifice 2nd chances
...blessing humans

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