Friday, April 29, 2011

"Face Time" with God

Words are in adequate for the feelings of joy and peace and promise of spending one-on-one time with God. Uninterrupted for days and disciplined in fasting is a whole new level of dedication. This is what my dear husband is undertaking from Tuesday to Saturday (May 3-7). It's almost unimaginable what will happen when a focused, driven young man decides to examine his life, the Scriptures, the life of Christ, and his relationship with His Savior.  Granted, he experienced the lack of fellowship and community at AIT for a few months, but now he's going to be on his own, looking and listening to God and pouring out his heart. It may take a few days to get anywhere more than "I'm so hungry" or "I wonder what's going on 'out there'," hence the 5 days.  But as his wife, I anxiously await to see what emerges from this time of solitude and focus. As the mother of his kids, I have hopes of what our children can look forward to. There will probably need to be some time of questions and healing. But I pray he can be uplifted, renewed, inspired, blessed, and touched by our God and Savior. Perhaps God will answer some of our questions of direction and family purpose? Maybe instill beliefs and form philosophies of life? Above all, I pray that the God of hope will meet him there and that J will remain to hear what He has to say and hide it in his heart.

Praise Mountain

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